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Whom is this website for?

Hi All. Welcome to Madras University's Institute of Distance Education in M.Sc. Information Technology 2015 Academic Year Students Forum, where you can post any queries related to syllabus  and get answers from public  or admin (Embar R. Thirunarayan -Enrolment No:A15101PIT6161 - FAM3).    Please note that currently, queries can only be posted on the WhatsApp group, which will be reposted here and answered

Though this website will be more helpful to Madras University students, any student pursuing any computer science course anywhere in the world can still make use of this website.


 Exam Online Application- May 2016

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What can you expect from this webpage?

Here you can access different articles on syllabus, links to freely available study materials or links to lecture videos on youtube, answers to previous year question papers solved from renowned text books, dates of contact programme or practical classes, exam dates, due dates for submitting applications with fees, programming techniques, sample programs, and lots of more information. Enjoyyyy!!!!


Can you post online? How to become member of WhatsApp group?

Currently only WhatsApp group postings are being updated.  Pretty soon, we are going to design a public forum for commenting/posting. If you want to get added to WhatsApp group, please contact Madan Gopal or Haridoss or any one of the administrators in FAM3 compulsory contact program.